Our Team

Executive Director Susan Melkert and Board President, Dawne Boersen are committed to developing and maintaining services that fill gaps in community social services and meet basic human needs. Our Agency believes strongly that a positive team environment is crucial to provide care, compassion and understanding for others.

Our approachable, professional team consists of counsellors at the master’s level, qualified and trained staff members, contracted service providers, and volunteers. All are committed to empowering individuals, couples and families to improve their quality of life. As a learning environment, we support bachelor and master of social work university student placements.

FSPH is accredited through the Canadian Centre for Accreditation and the Hospice Association of Ontario. We undergo rigorous evaluation to meet or surpass required quality standards to ensure that we are a highly reputable agency.

We are funded through a variety of government and community organizations, client fees and private donations. Many fully funded services can be provided free of charge; some services may require a fee based on the funding we receive. This is reviewed during the initial appointment to ensure this is workable. We welcome all inquiries.

Our Board, staff and clients are truly appreciative of our generous funders.


Susan Melkert, Executive Director and Dawne Boersen, Board President