Financial Literacy/Non-Profit Credit Counselling

Financial Literacy/Non-Profit Credit Counselling
Serving Perth and Huron

budgetlIf you are experiencing financial difficulties due to a job loss, illness, a family break-up or other circumstances, we can help you take steps toward financial recovery through education and support.

If you have debt problems, you are not alone. Every day across Canada, thousands of over-indebted families seek solutions. Since 1974, Family Services Perth-Huron has helped thousands of people to overcome financial problems.

Many are able to consolidate their debts through a Debt Management Program. If you wish to, our Agency will act on your behalf to arrange one affordable monthly payment to cover your debts, approved by all credit grantors. Interest charges are usually stopped or greatly reduced, enabling you to repay the debts in full over a reasonable period of time, with enough income left to cover ongoing living expenses. With your consent, we will refer you to helpful resources.

We are part of a network of non-profit agencies across Canada. On an ongoing basis, we connect with other professionals such as federally licensed trustees. These relationships expand our ability to offer options and solutions. United Way agencies, members of the Canadian Bankers Association and major retailers help fund these programs.

CCA logoFSPH belongs to the Ontario and Canadian Associations of Credit Counselling Services.  Accreditation by the Canadian Centre of Accreditation assures the public of trustworthy professional, high quality service. Our counsellor provides qualified expert advice and holds the designation of Accredited Financial Counsellor CanadaSM (AFCCSM). She is also certified as a Bankruptcy insolvency Act (BIA) counselor. For more information about the Canadian Centre for Accreditation’s program, please visit their website.

Money issues are a leading cause of marriage difficulties and can cause a great deal of stress related issues such as anxiety and depression.

  • We can help if …

    • You use credit for items for which you used to pay cash
    • You take out loans or cash advances to pay old bills
    • You use overdraft privileges, but never get out of the red
    • You put off bills until second notice
    • You have no money to deal with a financial emergency
    • You pay more than 15% of your monthly take-home pay on debts
    • You receive disturbing letters or phone calls from your creditors
    • You have been sued by a creditor
    • You can never make ends meet

  • We can help you …

    • Fix urgent problems
    • Find long term solutions
    • Avoid the costs and consequences of bankruptcy
    • By dealing with your creditors on your behalf
    • Arrange to get interest stopped
    • Arrange one affordable monthly payment for your debts
    • Repair or establish a credit rating
    • Explore solutions that best suit your individual and family circumstances

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“We don’t go out there, on purpose, to get into financial difficulty, there is always a reason or circumstance attached.”
~ Angie Carter, Credit Counsellor

Ontario Registration Number 4138590